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Our Facility/Property

Our boarding kennel opened in November of 2012. We are located on 57 acres about 1 hour from downtown Austin, just outside of Lexington, Texas. We have 30 indoor/outdoor runs with 6 attached play yards. We are proud to have some of the largest runs in the industry. In addition to the indoor/outdoor runs, we have several outdoor runs where many of the gun dogs and competition dogs stay (which is a preference among owners so that the dogs remain acclimated to the outdoors). Our beautiful acreage has rolling terrain, 5 ponds (one technical for retriever training) and large Post Oaks. We offer pet walks through out the property.

The main kennel building has a total of 5×25′ of run space PER RUN, as well as access to the 25×30′ play yards. The kennel has radiant barrier insulation which helps to keep out the extreme temperatures of our Texas weather. During those extreme periods of hot or cold, we have ceiling fans and heaters. We also have  a climate-controlled room to accommodate clients who wish to keep their dogs crated indoors. They also have access to play yards for exercise and potty breaks.

Because we have sporting dogs, we used BiteGuard KennelPlexTM brand Kennel doors for the inside/outside access. These doors are the best the industry makes for keeping out extreme temperatures and holding up to all the wear and tear of large breed dogs. We will work with your pet to make sure he knows how to go in and out if he is not used to a doggy door.

The entire kennel is cleaned every morning, food/water dishes are hand washed and waste picked up through out the day. We are constantly making improvements to the kennels. Our personal dogs stay in the same runs that your dog does. We take every precaution to keep everyone healthy!

Pet Cots are provided for all of our guests and we feed Victor high energy dog food. It is rated 4 stars on the Dog Food Advisor. Guests are welcome to bring their own food if they so desire, but please make sure it is properly labeled in a ziploc bag with only the amount necessary for your dog’s stay with us.