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Gun Dog/ Hunt Test Training

Gun Dog Training

Are you looking to train your retriever to bird hunt with you but just don’t have the time, skills, or land scenarios to achieve it? We can help. We will start off by teaching your dog the basic obedience skills necessary to begin formal bird training. A firm HOLD will be taught and if needed, the Trained Retrieve. Marking skills will be taught on land and water in every scenario we can come up with! Upon successful completion of the training program, your hunting companion will have basic marking skills, be steady in the blind, retrieve a bird he has marked, and deliver it to hand.

We work with live and dead birds as well as training bumpers. Your dog will also see live flyers so that he knows how to pick up a wounded bird. This program takes an average of four months, although that is dependent upon both the dog, the finished skill level you desire, and if your dog needs to complete the Trained Retrieve process. That process alone takes about 3-5 weeks, depending on the dog.

If you are in or around the Austin, TX area, please call us to discuss your dog’s Gun Dog Training needs, so we may set up a program just for him/her. This level of training is $675 a month (plus birds) and a 4 month minimum.

AKC Hunt Test Training

In addition to basic obedience and gun dog training, we also offer AKC Hunt Test Training for the Austin, TX area. This will include everything listed in our Gun Dog Program, but will also include de-cheating on large water, retrieving both live & dead ducks, pheasant, chukkers, and setting up scenarios that he/she will see at an AKC test. Live flyers are included so that your dog will know how to pick up a wounded bird. This level also includes our Trained Retrieve procedure to help insure your dog’s success and to prevent bad habits while fetching the bird. We also provide handling and skills necessary for the Senior/Master levels which include, but not limited to, multiples, diversions, lining, retrieving a bird the dog doesn’t see fall, honoring a working dog.

We will work with you to teach you the AKC test rules, help you in running your own dog, or take and running your dog at a test for you. We have a $75 charge to handle your dog at a test but you don’t pay the fee unless your dog passes.

This level is also $675 a month (plus birds) with expectations to take 4-12 months, depending upon the dog and the desired end goal. Call 512-273-2540 to talk to one of our trainers.

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